Gina Gerson

Gina Gerson



Petite Russian heartthrob Gina Gerson is a very young adult, which puts her on the bright side of youth; nonetheless, she gives off an even younger and more innocent vibe. Her tiny, pert A-cup tits, long dark blonde hair with straight bangs, and lithe sweet physique, all add up to produce an innocent-seeming smut doll. She’s a fine teen tart, fit for starring in any porno scenes that need a smiling honey to be taught, seduced, banged, and degraded. Born in St. Petersburg in 1991, Gina has made her career from Russia, getting it on for both Euro producers and American sites alike. She has started to stack up the credits, each one featuring her doing dirty, filthy, perverted acts with a gleam in her eye and a cute smile on her face. Her tight, tiny, round ass gets stretched out and worked in dozens of her movies—she may play a teen on the screen, but only an experienced gal can take such hard anal poundings and double penetrations.

Hair ColorBlond

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Sex in the poolSex in the poolSex in the pool

Her boyfriend is a very successful guy. He has a huge house. However they haven’t had sex for couple of months already and that really disappoints her. That’s why she will do something special for him today, something what they have never done before...

Release day June 09, 2018
Length 43:00
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