Naomi Bennet

Naomi Bennet



Natural born seductress Naomi Bennet may look like a regular girl-next-door type, but underneath all that innocence and perfection lies a sensual and sexy young lady who likes to spend all her free time getting fucked. The beautiful babe from the Czech Republic is fast becoming a sought-after porn actress and she leaves no doubt as to why. The brown-eyed and brown-haired hottie rocks a slim body and supple natural tits.

Hair ColorBrown

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Something specialSomething specialSomething special

Her boyfriend is a very successful guy. He has a huge house. However they haven’t had sex for couple of months already and that really disappoints her. That’s why she will do something special for him today, something what they have never done before...

Release day June 09, 2018
Length 49:27
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